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What is Physiotherapy? Treatment by Exercise

Physiotherapy has been applied to patients since the late 1800's. The profession was founded by midwives in Manchester. The term electrical therapy was applied before the first world war because massage was getting a different name to the meaning.

Physiotherapists were called to look after the rehabilitation of the war wounded. The chartered society of physiotherapy was formed after the first world war.

Physiotherapists are located in every N.H.S. hospital, a large number work in private practise and the profession is recognised worldwide. Within the profession disability is overcome to the fullest potential possible by dedicated teams of physiotherapists.

Present day Physiotherapy Practise

Assessment of injury caused by Road Traffic Accidents leading to whiplash injury or impact.

  • Management of area of injury.
  • Important advice.
  • Very specific instruction of exercise.
  • Treatment for swelling, pain and weakness.
  • Since the early days of physiotherapy there is a lot more administrative and report writing that takes place.

    New at Clare House Physiotherapy, MBST Therapy and Acupuncture.

    What is Physiotherapy

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    A chartered physiotherapist is able to treat a great number of conditions. Physiotherapy is a medically recognised treatment, when seeking treatment ensure you see a chartered physiotherapist.

Mrs Ann E. Clare Grad.Dip.Phys.,M.C.S.P.,H.P.C. Chartered Physiotherapist in private practice